L-Acoustics Kara

J Davis Prosound & Lighting adds L-Acoustics Kara To Its Inventory!!!

We are delighted to announce the Purchase of L-Acoustics Kara System adding one more member of the L-Acoutics family in our inventory.

A total of 18 Tops of L-Acoustics Kara & 6 L-Acoustics LA 8 Amps were added to the Inventory.


Smooth and Flexible

With a design inspired from the K1 stadium system, KARA delivers the highest performance level for the rental markets.

The main system components consist of the following:

  • KARA full range element operating in the 55 Hz to 20 kHz bandwidth
  • SB18 complimentary low frequency extension element operating from 32 Hz 
  • LA-RAK touring rack fitted with LA8 amplified controllers.

KARA delivers a considerable number of improvements over the previous generation of line sources, particularly with regard to directivity control in the horizontal plane, transducers resources for increased operating bandwidth and coherence, vertical coverage capability and extensive choice of operation modes to accommodate various LF contour requirements.

As a standalone system, its compact size and low weight complies with rigging and visual limitations. KARA can be deployed either as a compact distributed solution for delays and fills, a dedicated K1 downfill extension for stadium and arena concert applications, or as a FOH system thanks to its full compatibility with the SB18 extension.

Modular WST line source

  • Compact and lightweight design, compliant with rigging and sightline constraints.
  • Extended LF resources for contour requirements from flat to medium.
  • Clarity, intelligibility and precision for vocal, speech and lead instruments.
  • 110° horizontal directivity for distributed applications, fills and central clusters.
  • LA-RAK (LA8) advanced system drive and protection.
  • State-of-the-art rigging system for high accuracy and quick set-up.