Monkey Town Arts and Music Festival 2nd Edition - 2017

J Davis Prosound & Lighting and Graflex Inc to provide Technical support (Sound, Lights, Trussing & LED) for Monkey Town Arts and Music Festival 2nd Edition - 2017, on 14th April 2017, Friday and 15th April 2017, Saturday, at the Space Resorts, Ooty Open Skies, Stars Ablaze, Fires burning high, grass beneath your feet, great music, high spirits, bloody good food and all that makes an Arts and Music Festival Great - Monkey Town!

A culmination of a myriad form of music and arts within nature's cradle, Monkey Town is like no other festival you've ever been to! The perfect blend of soul-stirring music, local dance forms and visual performances in the Queen of hills. As you breathe in the freshest of air, the greenery stretches as far as the eye can see, and you have the option of camping. The festival also features workshops conducted on music and the arts For more detail log on to:

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